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The origin of Tarot playing cards date back to as early as the 14th century; where it is believed by many that they were used in a card game originally played by the aristocrats of that day. Over time - centuries, these playing cards became more widely used throughout society in general, as a form of entertainment.

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It is thought that Oracle Cards such as Tarot; have been used as a tool of Divinity since the mid 15th Century, with a book entitled The Oracles of Francesco Marcolino da Forlì outlining a simple method of divination from that time. 

Today oracle cards have developed even further and are used in many different varieties world wide. Used as a tool of Divinity, a reader selects a random oracle card and by reading its meaning from the name and imagery of the card selected, they feel that they can obtain Divine inspiration, wisdom and knowledge. 

Personally, I am mostly drawn to Angel Oracle Cards and as a certified Angel Card Reader I use them often.

There are many different reasons why we are drawn to Oracle Cards, none the least as a tool of future telling for our own entertainment. This is not something I focus my energy on however. I use my cards more as an extra tool in my life and wisdom coaching kit.

And it is in this format that I am happy to share my tips with you on how to do the same.

See tips are below!

How to Work with Your Oracle Cards to tap into an endless source of loving wisdom & gentle guidance...

1. Find a quiet place to sit and relax where you will not be disturbed. Have a piece of paper or journal and a pen or pencil ready.

2. If you feel the need; clear the cards by holding them as a pack between two hands before you start and make your intention clear by saying something like: "I now ask that all energy previously attached to these cards is now removed." Ask your Angels to help you with this and don't forget your manners ..always say thank you.

3. If you feel guided to - touch each card in the pack to imbue them with your energy, or simply intend that it is so by saying something like "I now infuse these beautiful cards with my loving energy...each and every one!" - while holding them.

4. At this point I ask Archangel Michael to surround me and anyone I may be reading for with his protection. Do this just like you would if asking anyone to do something for you. "Please Archangel Michael will you protect me and anyone I am reading for today throughout this session. I also ask that you help me to hear, see, feel and know all wisdom & guidance that comes through today clearly. Thank you."

5. You can ask a question, or simply say something like ..."please show me a card that will help me understand todays events." Don't be surprised if you get answers to questions you are not quite ready to ask instead of the one you did ask! The wisdom that comes through for you will most likely be far more valuable to you than some tired old answer like..."You will meet a tall, dark, handsome man" 
(let's face it that could be the new milkman!) 

6. Then shuffle the deck and choose a card.

7. When you look at the card you have chosen, notice your first thought and feeling and write them down. Then look at the image and see if there are colours, flowers or any other symbols there that mean anything to you  or someone you know - past or present, and write down what they are. If there are words on the card or a description they will probably prompt you to think of the person or situation you may have enquired about.
Write down what comes to you.

8. Now make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or grab a nicely chilled glass of water and get to work on putting together the story (wisdom & guidance) you have just been shown.

9. Have fun.

Things you Should know before you start

Consuming alcohol and reading oracle cards just don't go together. You will not get a clear reading with a fuzzy head.
It doesn't work.

What you are shown through the cards are possibilities, wisdom and guidance - ways of looking at a situation from a different perspective. No matter what cards you are shown, nothing can change the fact that it is always you who is in control of the direction of your life; through the choices that you make.

Keep in mind that if you are shown a card that you don't like; you have the free will to change any outcome  possible through the action you choose to take. 
You are the most powerful person in your life and that is as it should be!

Oh and once you become more practiced; you won't have to write everything down, the story will unfold easily for you. Personally; I still like to though, as I like to go back sometimes and have a second look. :)

A Note from the Author: If you are completely new to Oracle Cards and don't have your own pack yet, you can message me with a deck of your choice from the image above and I will pull a card or you and email you an image of you can start practicing :) 

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