My Guru Me,  is My Story...
Here I share bits of my life, the things I love and lots of stuff I've learnt... like my discovery of an abundance of inner wisdom, strength and a healthy dose of peace that exists within and is available to all.

This is me as I negotiate my sometimes topsy turvy world and all the things that keep me moving forward....the people, the practices, the tips and quirks. 

The things that make me the guru in my own life!

I am a qualified Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, who continues to study Life and Wisdom Coaching, and I love to write. 
The tips and techniques that I share here are those that I have found work for me.

 I hope you find what I write helpful, or at the very least a bit interesting and a little entertaining.

I will be sharing both original & curated posts for your enjoyment.

Throughout there is a strong focus on women's health and self-empowerment!

From discussing period pain to menopause, a daily practice to bedtime routine, natural therapies, spirituality and love in all of its forms...I am committed to helping you to create a happier, healthier, stress free lifestyle. 

TIP: A daily practice does not have to be formal to be beneficial. For great results in personal growth try applying consistent commitment to a daily practice of your choice...make one up - others have before you (something that you enjoy, that you know makes your heart sing,) who knows you may have just found the next big thing in wellness & relaxation! Share it!

To know me is to know my family...this is my crazy, beautiful bunch! All related except the man in the bottom right hand corner with Brendan ...we love him like family because he is responsible for keeping my husband alive!

These are the most precious of the precious, all in their own way responsible for the woman I am. Keep your tribe close!

My Guru Me is the Sisterblog to The Story of Us: the documentation of my husband's cancer diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management...a story of strength, human spirit, family, friendship, community, teamwork and love ...oh, and a bit about our experience with cancer.

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NB: We share many images on My Guru Me, some are our own and others we have curated from public domain because they speak to what we have written about. If we have inadvertently used your image without permission please contact us and we will promptly remove or credit your work. We absolutely wish to respect your rights and preference. Thank you.

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