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What is a Guru & who needs one?

What is a Guru?


[goo r-oo, goo-roo] 
1. Hinduism. a preceptor giving personal religious instruction.
2. an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader.
3. any person who counsels or advises; mentor:
The elder senator was her political guru.
4. a leader in a particular field:
the city's cultural gurus.

Who needs a Guru?
I think there is a different answer for each individual. All and none of us may need a Guru. On self reflection only we ourselves know if we want one and the reasons why. In truth we have the ability to be our own, yet; we can benefit greatly from the wisdom and guidance of others.

My personal choice is to soak up the knowledge and wisdom of all teachers whose path I cross. I don’t care if the lessons come from a child or an elder, if their message is for me I will accept it gratefully. The real key here is … as my own guru; I have the ability to best know what to do with the wisdom shared and how to use that to assist my personal and spiritual progression.

Nobody on Earth, no matter how enlightened, knows me better than me. I may feel lost at times; knowing if I choose to look deep enough the answers are always there. I do not want to be a reflection of anybody else; no matter how exceptional I think they may be. We all have the right and ability to dance to the beat of our own drum…to be our own Guru. 
Without exception!

 I would like to make it clear that I am not against seeking a Guru outside of myself…I have had and still have many Guru’s that I look to. None of whom sit in an ashram anywhere, or at the head of a church or spiritual organisation, not that there would be anything wrong with that if they did. It’s just that my inspiration; along with the wonderful teachers I have sat with, have always been closer to home or Heaven. 
And still I have come to understand that above all I have the greatest impact on me.

Follow your heart, understanding you already have the power within to be all you can be. Nobody can give that to you.

How I found My Inner Guru…

Through trusting my gut, quieting my mind and listening to the quiet whispers within…I am reminded that all I need I already have. Wisdom and knowledge learned throughout my life and many others, stored away until I need to recall it, always there ready and waiting.

This is my greatest insight to date. I need to trust what I know and take action as required. Yes my path is already written to a point, but I have to put the icing on the cake, nobody can do that for me.
Personal responsibility should be celebrated not feared.

I am an expert in only one field …and that field is me. 
I am My Guru; the authority on the subject of who I am and how I feel…
Therefore it makes sense that I, above all else know what it is I need.
The challenge is doing the work required!

What Follows is a A Simple Recall Exercise to help You along the path to becoming your own Guru:
Accessing your Personal Akashic Records
To do this you need to believe in your own powers of perception and knowing, your psychic ability – 
more commonly known as a well-developed intuition
Something we all have and use everyday, and can develop substantially with focused daily practice.

What are Our Akashic Records: 
(often referred to as The Book of Life) 

An energetic blueprint of everything you will ever do or has ever happened to you… recorded within. Through accessing them you have the ability to remember what your purpose here is.
The intention behind using these records will impact the ease of which they are accessed. 
A pure intent to deepen your understanding of yourself will make it easier to do.


Step 1: Bring yourself to a peaceful, calm, meditative state. (Required)

Step 2: Set aside your current thoughts and inner chatter. (Required)

Step 3: Be willing and ready to receive any and all information that comes to you without judgement.(Required)

Step 4: Understand that sheer curiosity is not a productive reason to want to read your records and could result in vague and confusing answers (memories) being shared. 
Problem solving is a very valid and purposeful reason for reading your records… 
eg “I tend to have a pattern of making the same mistake (……) please provide information on any unresolved past life situations that may help me understand and break this pattern.” 
 “I tend to lack confidence in this (….) area. Please show me any information past, present or future that may help me overcome this lack.“

Get Started

Step 1: Develop a ritual or system to set a relaxed mood
·         Maybe a special room, corner or comfy chair to sit or lay peacefully.
·         Add candles, quiet music or absolute quiet to create an ambient atmosphere.
·          Enjoy a brief relaxation technique or pre-meditation prior to your ARR.
·         Invite your guides or angels to accompany you – eg: “my beloved Angels please help me access, open and understand my Akashic records so I may have the wisdom to live my best life in love and light” 
Make it clear that your intent is purposeful, loving and free of judgement.

Step 2: When you are ready; ask the question you are seeking an answer to.
·         Understanding which of your senses are most developed will help you receive your answers, they may come in a feeling, a knowing or you may see or hear your answers.  (An image may come to you like a memory would or you may hear dialogue in your inner voice) relax, there is no right or wrong way to receive. It may take some time to understand the process and how it best works for you. Don’t give up if you don’t get anything at first…a continued practice is required in all things that are new to us, ... and those that are old.

Step 3: Understanding the information received:
·         It will resonate with you; at some level you will have a deep understanding of why you are getting this information.
·         If you receive a message that is not to your liking, sit with it without judgement. The message could be the catalyst for change that you have been hoping for. Sometimes with the hardest truths come the biggest steps forward.
·         Keep your readings brief, especially if you are a beginner. Aim for one question per reading to help you focus on the information coming through…there is such a lot available and it may become unclear and confused if you try to bite off more than you can chew in one sitting.


If you find it difficult to reach a deep meditative state, seek out a qualified practitioner that can help, or start with simple guided meditations until you feel confident enough to meditate on your own.
When ready move on to an Akashic Record Reading.

Never read anyone else’s Akashic records without their consent. That’s just snooping and snooping is not cool, and not Karmic-ally recommended.


Author's Tip: Don't try too hard. If you are undertaking a meditation or an Akashic Reading and things aren't flowing with ease... stop and try again later.
This should be a technique you can use to bring a deeper peace and understanding to your life, not a method of adding more stress.


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