Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 - 3 Angel Cards for the Year Ahead

December 31 2015 
A 3 Card Reading for the New Year Ahead
If you are reading these Words of Angel Wisdom, brought to you through our Angel Oracle Cards then there may just be something in them for you!
We wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous and Fun Year Ahead!

May you always hold loving memories of the past in your heart as you look toward the future,while living happily in the Now!

The six of water: Jan to April 16
you may find yourself in a wistful mood, as the end of the old and beginning of the new brings back childhood memories of years gone by... or of times in your life you have felt safe and nurtured. Memories are wonderful things to keep, but bear in mind that we often romanticise how things were…don’t let this diminish how things are for you now. Learn from the past to create your future and always live in the Now.
If you are feeling that things aren’t turning out as planned this is the perfect time to make changes for the better…it is a New Year dawning and you are here to see it, that’s worth celebrating.

Nine of Earth: May to August 16
It is time to enjoy life’s luxuries, you have worked hard and now you can reap the rewards. Be that luxury an extravagant gift or some quiet time to yourself, whatever luxury you can afford treat yourself to it. If you are self-employed or considering becoming self-employed this card is showing a positive outcome.

Queen of Earth: Sept to Dec 16
Abundance is in the air, this could mean that there are many changes ahead. You are asked to be caring, understanding and kind with those involved…making sure that you are making time for those around you. You’re sensible, thoughtful and creative side will come to the fore. Being resourceful and confident now will see everything fall into place.

NB: As a certified Angel card Reader; My Oracle Card readings appear every now and then for your entertainment..please enjoy them in the spirit intended  :)

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